Sunday, 15 April 2012

My Maths Performance Task Reflection

As for our Maths Performance task, i think that my group and i have done a great job so far and i would like to reflect upon our groups time management. One of our group members were late and my other group member and myself hesitated on weather to wait of her to join us, go and execute the task together or proceed with the task on our own. We hesitated and thought through it for about 5 to 10 minutes and finally we decided to proceed with our task first while she travels to the Clementi mall. If i had a chance to redo the whole task again or to do another similar task again next time, i will not hesitate to execute the task on our own or even by myself as the old saying says:" time is money" thus it tells us that wasting time is equals to wasting money. In this case, we are not so deep into the problem that involves money but i think this is a good parable to ponder upon as to the future when we are working, even 1 minute will be counted for. No one in this world will wait for you. To everyone in the working society, time is money. i don't think wasting time is a very wise thing to do. In SST, all the teachers have a principle ( or at least my teachers) that is "we are practicing and preparing ourselves for the future and we are ever ready to face a new challenge in life" i believe in that vision. To be World-ready and Future-looking Leaders through Innovative Technology and Applied Learning. In other words, we apply what we learn in school. Going back to my point, i conclude that i cannot afford to waste any amounts of time in the future and that is the key point i have learnt and i will apply this point that i have learnt through the task. 

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